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Our assembly rota is developed around the our core school values of
Our Assemblies promote..

Assemblies at The Godolphin Junior Academy - Spring Term 2018
  • E-Safety

    On Monday 25th January 2018 3B’s assembly was on E-safety. E-safety is an important part of keeping safe online. Pupils were shown the SMART rules and 3B used examples of events which could occur to explain the importance of always telling an adult and knowing how to stay safe when chatting or using the internet.
  • Anti Bullying

    The theme for 5R’s first assembly was ‘Anti-Bullying’. We enjoyed putting this assembly together as it helped us to understand the importance of diversity and to of embracing people’s differences rather than picking on people for being different. It is clear to us now that no two of us are exactly the same and it’s these differences that make us interesting and special. Wherever we go, we can always find diversity all around us
  • Healthy Minds

    Our spring term assembly was based on Healthy Minds. In order to put our assembly together, we had to explore our feelings and why we have feelings. We researched and discussed different strategies to help us cope and keep our minds healthy. In summary here are some of the ideas we mentioned that can help to keep your mind healthy: challenging negative feelings, focusing on the positive, spending time with people that make you feel good, getting active and setting goals. We enjoyed putting this assembly together and hope you can take something from it too..

    Assemblies at The Godolphin Junior Academy - Autumn Term 2017
  • Being a Good Citizen

    Each month the pupils vote for a member of their class who they consider to be the 'Citizen of the Month.'  The child receives a certificate with the reasons read out in assembly as to why they have won the award, along with a rosette, to wear with pride. We believe that the qualities of a good citizen are important to discuss with the children and to help them recognise these attributes in themselves and others, both in school and in the community.
    Citizenship links with the British Values of: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.  At The Godolphin Junior Academy, we recognise the contribution these values play in shaping good citizens of the future.  Please see the presentation from our assembly for further details on 'Being a Good Citizen.'
  • Children in Need

    On Thursday 16th November 5C’s assembly was about how Children in Need helps children to have healthier and happier lives.  They spoke about why Children in Need was created, how much money has been raised over the years, the famous teddy bear mascot Pudsey, who created it and why, as well as the difference Children in Need has made to the lives of many children. 5C showed their artistic talent in the posters that were produced; they worked really hard to learn their lines and as a result performed a super assembly!
  • Anti Bullying Assembly
  • On 25th November 2017, 4H did their assembly with the focus of anti bullying.

    We thought carefully about what bullying meant and what types of behaviour is considered as bullying. We thought about how we would feel if we were being bullied and all the different people we could talk to if this happened to us.