The Godolphin Junior Academy Attendance Information

Why is attendance so important?

Pupils who fall as low as 90% attendance will miss almost 4 weeks of school every year. This is over 100 hours of learning.

If you need help getting your child to school, please ask us, we are happy to help and in some cases if needed collect your child.


Evidence shows that if a child does not attend regularly:
My child has 90% attendance, that is good isn’t it?

My child has odd days off now and again, surely they are not going to miss too much?

My child is only absent when she is ill.

What difference does it make if my child is a few minutes late?
I would like to book a holiday in term time, am I entitled to 10 days holiday?

Tips for good attendance

If you are worried your child does not want to attend school talk to them and the school to check there is nothing else going on or any issues that can be resolved.

Please see Slough Borough Council’s website for further information.

We want to make every lesson count, please help us to do just that by aiming for a high percentage for attendance.

Well done to this week's top classes.