NQT applying to work at GJA

When I was applying for jobs as a PGCert student, it was really important for me that the School was able to support an NQT. GJA attracted me because in addition to in-house training they offered NQT courses at Cranford Park Academy. Also, they had a wealth of experienced teachers from who I am continuously learning from. Furthermore, I have one-to-one meetings with my mentor where I am able to discuss my targets and planning.

Challenge is what I thrive on, and at GJA I am faced with challenges every day! Working in an school like GJA has offered me the opportunity to work in a team to plan ahead. However, as we all know things can change at the last minute! I have to be able to adapt myself in any situation and learn how to be flexible all the time.

GJA staff and pupils are all very supportive and willing to help any time. Despite my journey being fairly rocky to start with, I can confidently say that as an NQT working at GJA it has enabled me to grow and develop into a successful class teacher.

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