My time at GJA

I arrived with a Cheese and Onion Quiche – I had come to look around the school and my telephone enquiry had led to an invitation to a shared lunch Staff were having on an INSET day. A warm inclusive welcome and food – two of the strongly held principles of the school that I became so familiar with.

I worked at Godolphin Junior Academy for 15 years and I hope that sharing some experiences will interest others in looking at all the school has to offer. My first appointment was as a Year Four team leader and full time class teacher. Godolphin has always had a very pro-active approach to recognising other work experience and although I had been teaching for just 2 years, my experience before teaching was taken into account and I was given the additional responsibility and career progression I had been searching for.

I realised that the benefits of teaching in a larger school with a wide range of experienced staff led to an excellent level of support in terms of personal development as a Teacher and in practical hands-on support in the Classroom. Godolphin Junior School has a hardworking team of TAs who provide invaluable hands-on support in lessons and beyond. The school also has a Leadership Team with passion and vision. They have successfully mentored and supported staff through work roles and the additional challenges that life can throw at you.

I found the Pupils delightful. Family is central to their lives and their Teacher is a highly respected and valued part of that. Many children come from large families and teaching so many siblings over the years was very heart-warming and satisfying. It made me feel that my initial aims of teaching, in order to directly have a positive influence in a community, was being met.

After taking maternity leave I returned three days a week and worked in a wide range of areas from PPA cover to Team Teaching and into the English as an additional language Team. Despite being part time I was still valued as an experienced member of staff who was consulted by the Leadership team regularly and given a wide range of roles to take on from P.R. to S.M.S.C.

Combining teaching and parenting young children is a challenge. At Godolphin Junior School I was able to have the flexibility to work part-time but also receive career development opportunities and to still have an area of subject specialism that I could develop. I also received a fantastic program of INSET that included Nationally recognised Educational experts such as Mike Fleetham and Steve Bowkett. Godolphin Junior School has always been ahead of the educational trends and subsequently has a very well developed PE program of at least 2 hours of PE and games per week, long before it became the advice of the Government. The school has also developed programmes of Mindfulness and had a school Counsellor for over 10 years. This pro-active and forward looking approach has led to an amazing number of opportunities for Pupils and Staff from Royal visits, to school radio and a wide range of competitive sport from dragon boating to basketball.

Godolphin Junior School has so much to offer Teachers in the current sometimes challenging workplace. It has a strong, inspiring and experience Leadership
team and a group of hard working, knowledgeable Class Room teachers. The Pupils want to learn and are proud of their school and Teachers. They are well behaved (most of the time!) and know there is a very strong framework around them. As a class teacher you will always be robustly supported by the Behaviour Management team and find Parents are very supportive too.

The community around Godolphin Junior School is positive, caring, friendly and values the school and all its’ staff enormously. The school serves a multi-cultural community who value the staff’s hard work. I believe the School to be a beacon in demonstrating a successful multi-cultural British community and I am extremely proud to have been a part of it.

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